Established in 2015 on the premise of integrating architectural and sculptural ideologies into footwear design, NBDA is a brand for the futurists. The letters NBDA represent the journey of self-discovery and the search for a true meaning during one's time within the boundaries of planet earth. The brand aims to build 3-dimensional structures to connect the human form to the sole.

 Our infatuation with footwear and our surroundings give us the drive to create silhouettes that are both modern and timeless. Our collections are founded upon youth and originality and can be styled effortlessly with a wide range of garments.

   All our designs are hand sketched and have been extensively re-designed to achieve perfection. NBDA products combine our unique silhouettes with luxurious materials and are carefully hand crafted by a team of professionals.


                                                              IN SEARCH OF A TRUE MEANING