Established in a small apartment in London in 2015, NBDA was founded on the premise of bringing to the fore distinctive multidimensional fashion.

Architectural and sculptural ideologies are vital pillars of our ethos. We incorporate these principles in our design and production process to build 3-dimensional structures that seamlessly connect the human form to the sole.


Our design team is populated with footwear enthusiasts from across the globe. Every piece starts off hand-sketched then goes through an extensive thirteen-stage design process and is delicately handcrafted by a team of professionals in nine different factories worldwide.

Our designs represent youth, originality, self-discovery and self-expression. With every release, we seek to cater to modern and exquisite taste; unique silhouettes, innovative colours, luxurious materials and ease of styling.


Infatuated with footwear and our immediate surroundings, NBDA originally launched as a sneaker brand but has since redirected its focus and offering to all footwear-related products. The letters NBDA represent the journey of self-discovery and the search for a true meaning during one's time within the boundaries of planet earth.


Designed by Nigerians, for the world, NBDA is an anchor for the people just like us, youth in search of true meaning.